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Right now on eBay - Short Pronounceable Domain Name, Reg 2005
$2.04 HKD - 4 bids - Totes / Handbags Domain Name, Reg 2007
$0.08 HKD - 1 bid - Short Pronounceable Domain Name, Reg 2006
$0.08 HKD - 1 bid
NR Domain Name Auction / Cash Many .COM / 2012 / DA-PA / Loans, Lend / Namesilo
$16.72 HKD
NR Domain Name Auction / Bong Break .COM / 2010 / Smoking Accessories / Namesilo
$14.76 HKD     A Perfect Domain for Comics, Artists, Events, Fan Club, Movies!
$60.99 HKD  A Perfect Domain for WebCam Girls, Talent, Casting, Models, Porn!
$235.49 HKD
NR Domain Auction / Help Jump .COM / 2009 / Auto, Credit, Home Repair / Namesilo
$14.76 HKD - Healthy Energy Drinks Domain, Reg 2007
$0.86 HKD - 2 bids - Short Pronounceable Domain Name, Reg 2005
$0.08 HKD - 1 bid  Great Domain for Fashion, Photography, Talent Agent, Social Blog!
$60.99 HKD  Great Domain for Crypto-Currency, Exchange, Bit-Coin Convert!
$60.99 HKD - Candy Apples Domain Name, Reg 2006
$0.08 HKD   A Perfect Domain for Political, Advocacy, Controversial Topics!
$87.21 HKD is for Sale! Get an actual GOOD new DOMAINER business brand name
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$87.21 HKD   Great Domain for a Hacker Community, Hack Guides, Security!
$60.99 HKD
Buy: $1177458.73 HKD  Great Domain for a Dating Site, Girl Rank, Models, Talent Agency!
$87.21 HKD - Catchy Brandable Domain Name - Great for Domain Name Marketplace
$150.04 HKD Perfect Domain for Car Sales, Showcasing, Dealership, Car Trades!
$87.21 HKD Perfect Hacking, Coding, Programmer, and Cyber Security Domain!
$60.99 HKD   A Groovy Domain for Selling and Trading Retro & Vintage Items!
$60.99 HKD   Great Domain for NASCAR, GandPrix, Drag Racing, and a Sponsor!
$60.99 HKD  Great Domain for Making, Selling, Wholesaling & DIY Classes
$235.49 HKD  Perfect Domain for Sex Education, Birth Control, Teen Guide!
$392.49 HKD
MARIJUANA SEED - Cannabis & Marijuana Niche Domain Name: MarijuanaSeed.Company
$1053433.08 HKD   Awesome Domain for Bongs, Smokers, 420, Weed Pot Accessories!
$60.99 HKD  Great Domain for Bargains, Specials, Shopping, Gifts, Savings
$235.49 HKD | 5L Letter LLLLL Brandable .COM Domain Name
Buy: $384.64 HKD  Perfect Domain for Pranks, Politics, Comedy, Jokes, Vines, Videos!
$235.49 HKD  Great Domain for Swingers, Web Cam Girls, Porn, Sex, Casting!
$235.49 HKD Great Domain! for Cyber Security, Programming, Contest, Hiring
$87.21 HKD
Jewelry and Gift .com & Gift and Jewelry .com two Domain names for sale
$1.6484422221E8 HKD   Perfect Domain for someone named Paddre, a Restaurant, or Bar, Etc!
$1177.46 HKD Great Domain for Mens Cologne, Accessories, Retail, Fragrance!
$235.49 HKD      The Perfect Car Mechanic or Trades Specialist Domain!
$1177.46 HKD   A Perfect Investment, Stock Market, Finance and Money Domain!
$392.49 HKD   A Perfect Domain for Psychologists, Massagers, Counselors!
$470.98 HKD  The Perfect Money, Bank, and Investing, Crypto and Loans Domain!
$392.49 HKD  A Great Domain for Java Programmers, IT, Blog, and App Developers!
$313.99 HKD  The Perfect Tax Cash Refunding Domain for Tax Expert Specialists!
$1177.46 HKD   A Perfect Domain for a Barbershop, Hair Cuts, Stylists, Supplies!
$60.99 HKD - 1 bid  Perfect Domain for Teaching / Online Class / Video Lessons!
$60.99 HKD    Great Domain for Fashion, Photography, Dance Studio, Restaurant!
$392.49 HKD   Perfect Tech Domain for Coders, Programmers, Scripts, IT Lessons!
$470.98 HKD - Perfect Domain for Tech Expos, Tech Promotions, Conventions!
$1177.46 HKD  Perfect Domain for Gun Store, Weapon Shop, Collectibles and Ammo!
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$60.99 HKD  Great Domain for Security, Cloud Service, Company, Personal Info
$60.99 HKD  Perfect Domain for Web Cam Girls, Sex Site or Channel, Porn, Vids!
$60.99 HKD     The Perfect Ammo Domain for an Ammo and Gun Supply Site!
$235.49 HKD    A Great Domain for Restoring and Showcasing Older Vehicles!
$1177.46 HKD
NR Domain Name Auction / Pensive Faculty / PA13 / Teaching, Education / Namesilo
$16.88 HKD   An Awesome Domain for Jokes, Humor, Funny Stories, Pics, Laughs!
$1177.46 HKD Perfect Dog Service, Bathing, Dog Care, and Dog Grooming Domain!
$60.99 HKD | BRANDABLE 5L 5 Letter dot COM Domain Name
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$1177.46 HKD    Great Domain for Collectibles, Supplies, FirstAid, SHTF!
$1177.46 HKD | PREMIUM Bitcoin Crypto Coin .COM Domain Name
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Buy: $189.31 HKD Great Domain.  Auction House, Placing Orders, Track Inventory!
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$706.48 HKD - Domain Name For Sale - True Hollywood News
$2350.99 HKD
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$706.48 HKD   Short Domain for Branding, Restaurant, Bar, Car Shop, Food, Shoes!
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$87.21 HKD 50000 Monthly Searches! Perfect Domain for Swingers Dating Resort
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Animated  Perfect Domain for Animated-Sex-Cartoon, Porn-Videos Online!
$313.99 HKD | Premium Technology .com Domain name
Buy: $1562.1 HKD     A Great Domain for Training, Lessons, Videos, & Golf Pros!
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$392.49 HKD Great Domain for Swingers, Events, Voyeur, WebCam, S&M, Bondage
$235.49 HKD Perfect Domain for Collectors & Auto Dealerships to Showcase & Sell
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$706.48 HKD - LLLL 4 Letter .com Domain Name, Reg 2010
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$1177.46 HKD - trucks website domain name
$1569.94 HKD      A Great Brandable Beach and Summer wear Clothing Domain!
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SUPER LOT OF FOUR 4 letter .com domains  ( lll )
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NR Domain Auction / Client Prize .COM / 2010 / Advertising, Business / Namesilo
$25.51 HKD - 2 bids  - A Perfect Bit-coin / Cryptocurrency Profit Investing Domain!
$235.49 HKD